Affordable Fees

Ms. Tweedy charges $625 per hour for most cases (two parties). Add $50 per hour for each additional party. All fees are shared equally by participating parties unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

To book a full day mediation (two parties) an advance deposit of $5000 (divided equally among the parties) is required to hold the date. The mediator's fees are charged by the hour with a minimum fee of 8 hours. If the mediation lasts longer than the fees deposited, the parties are billed for the remainder after the deposited funds are applied.

Deposits are refunded if the mediation is cancelled more than 2 business days before the scheduled date.

Additional fees may apply for out-of-town travel, unusually complex cases, or other unusual circumstances.

Ms. Tweedy is happy to answer any question at all, including questions about fees, and your telephone or email inquiries are most welcome.